Functions for the editor

At this chapter are described the functions which are important for the textual editorial staff for the editor.

The additional functional range for the editor contains essentially:

  • The creating and administrating of menu items (content area, content folder, discussion forum, application, etc.),
  • the usage of the editorial area,
  • The editorial content administration like the sharing of contents (corresponding to editorial workflow, top themes, news, date) and the archiving of contents.

Hint: As a rule a user perform a role depending on a content area. So he can be only a general user inside of a content area but in another area he is an author or chief editor. According it changes itself the functional range and partly the description of content lists or contents. 

Communardo is at pains to support all web browser and versions to his products as soon as keeping the standards. However this can not be ensure in all cases. In particular customising and specifics can bring a constriction for the usable web browser. Normally it has no consequence of the functionality but rather on the correct description of the user interface and contents.

Then you have any problems with your web browser than contact your administrator.

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