My Weblogs

A Weblog is a personalised page, in which can be published text, pictures, links etc. Weblogs consist of reverse chronologic sorted entries. The youngest entry is on the supreme location. After the user writing the text the Weblogsoftware transfer automatically the text to HTML. Thus a link is generated with which you can retrieve Weblogs when Weblogs are deleted from the actual list. Weblogs have following possibilities of interactions:

  • Comments: User, who has read authorisations, can devise comments to ask questions or to be sign of improvements.
  • Track back: With the aid of this function Weblog editors can inform you when the entries refer to another.
  • Search-function: Searching after keywords and postings.

Creating a Weblog

At the right toolbar at the head of the frame it locates the link "my Weblogs". This is the link for creating a new Weblog. With the click it opens a list, which is indicated all created Weblogs. When until now no one is created than the list is empty. Hereupon a new function is available at the right toolbar, "create Weblog". With a click on this link it opens an input mask in which you can define a new Weblog. Here should be paid that the fields are fill out with the "*". At the end of the input you confirm with "update" and so a new Weblog is created.

For every Weblog you can create one or more Weblog article which can be commentate, edited or deleted. For creating a Weblog article you click on "create Weblog article". After that you have the same input mask as above descript. The following process of the editing equals of a Weblog or menu item.

List of weblogs

Useful is an extra list for notice the Weblogs. The best method is that you create a menu item at the main navigation. So it is easy to find the Weblog archive.

List of Weblogs

You can see at the figure that the Weblogs are ordered after different categories:

  • all Weblogs
  • most reading Weblogs
  • new Weblog article
Hint: It is possible to define a Weblog as a "top theme (homepage)". For that you have to use the function from the right toolbar.


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